Gambling is one of the best and most fun things known to man, and that is proven by this list of movies that use gambling as the base setting for the story. There are movies that focus purely on gambling and the attempts at winning money, but that’s not all, […]

Ever wondered what the best gambling songs are? Well there are quite a few, and it seems poker is the most attractive game for writing a song about it, and it dominates the themes among all gambling-related songs. Very few artists even bother to mention roulette or blackjack, and there […]

We all know learning poker can sometimes be challenging, but no good skills ever came without hard work and dedication. The game of poker is exciting and demands a lot of mental effort, so it’s no wonder why so many rookie players tend to make certain mistakes. By the time […]

Here at we love looking into the weird and wonderful goings on in the world. We’ve already looked at the 10 weirdest jobs ex-footballers went on to have and the 10 weirdest Olympic sports of all time. And now we’re looking at the most bizarre vending machines around the […]