Although throughout history traditional gambling establishments have generally been exclusive, men-only environments, there are lots of female gamblers who have defied the odds (no pun intended) and stand out in history for their achievements in the casino industry. From professional female poker players to 19th Century saloon owners, here are […]

In recent years, Megaways slots have become a firm favourite amongst gamblers. As well as their massive payout potential, the games come with innovative bonus features, immersive gameplay, and impressive visuals, so their popularity comes as no surprise. What are Megaways slots? Before getting started, let’s discuss what Megaways slots […]

Home » Blog » Will Kim Kardashian Divorce Kanye West? It wasn’t long ago, in fact barely three weeks have passed, when famous rapper Kanye West announced his candidacy for president. Since then, his campaign crumbled before it even began. And he’s been embittered in deleted tweets about divorcing his […]

If you’re planning a big gambling trip, chances are that you’ll be heading to Las Vegas or Macau for some mega casino action. But what about in Europe? The continent steeped in a rich and varied cultural history might not offer some obvious gambling destinations, but there are some absolute […]

Home » Blog » Will TikTok Be Banned In The U.S. Before 2021? TikTok is one of many subsidiaries of parent company ByteDance, a Chinese tech conglomerate headquartered in Beijing, China. Over this past year, TikTok has exploded in growth as a video-sharing app with a record-breaking 315 million downloads […]

We recently wrote about what to wear for a night at the casino and now we’ve found something special that will top off your outfit and leave you looking (and feeling) like a high roller. Trust us when you we tell you that the bar just got raised even higher […]